120 Nassar victims urge Michigan State board to fire Engler

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – A letter signed by at least 120 victims of former sports doctor Larry Nassar demands that Michigan State University’s governing board remove interim school president John Engler.

The women and girls issued a statement Tuesday, days before the board of trustees’ next meeting.

Engler, a former Michigan governor, is resisting pressure to resign after media reports that he sent emails to another university official criticizing lawyers for Nassar’s sexual assault victims and suggesting the first woman to go public with her accusations was probably getting a “kickback” from her attorney.

In the statement, the “sister survivors” say that Engler “has only reinforced the culture of abuse at MSU.” They say victims “should know they can raise their voice without being characterized as pawns too foolish to know they are manipulated.”


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