Indiana State Police investigating voter registration fraud

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Indiana State Police say they’re investigating fraudulent voter registration forms filed in two counties.

Police spokesman Capt. Dave Bursten said Thursday at least 10 voter registration forms are confirmed to have fraudulent information. The forms were among more than 28,000 that a group called the Indiana Voter Registration Project submitted to registration offices in Marion and Hendricks counties. The counties include Indianapolis and its eastern suburbs.

Bursten says detectives are trying to determine if other registrations also are fraudulent.
The Indiana Voter Registration Project issued a statement saying it found “a small handful” of applications it handled had incomplete or inaccurate information and that it notified registrars of them.

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson urged voters to check their registrations because there’s evidence the group changed a voter’s address.


  1. The Dems are going to do anything it takes to win this election. They cheat all the time and get by with it – how do you think Obama was elected twice.


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