Fort Wayne councilman set to introduce resolution ending taxes on new business equipment

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A city councilman is trying to eliminate personal property taxes on new business equipment.

City Councilman Jason Arp introduced the legislation that would start Jan. 1. It will be introduced Tuesday, according to the News-Sentinel.

Arp said the government should create a level playing field for businesses. He believes targeted incentives, which he usually opposes, don’t do that.

If the legislation is passed, it would repeal the tax county-wide, which could reduce income for local governments by $51 million. Fort Wayne receives $15 million of that. Allen County and Fort Wayne Community Schools receive about $10 million each.


  1. Wowo The $51 million being paid in personal property tax to the county is almost entirely unaffected. It is only the tax on the new equipment that the county would lose. As people replace equipment the county would lose the tax on the old equipment but at the same time they would gain many new jobs that would help replace that lost tax. Let’s say you’re a business in some other state and you’d like to move to the Midwest. Allen county would be the best place in the entire region to start a business. We would have all the advantages of Indiana tax structure and would not have business personal property tax for new business. There’s no abatements no hoops to jump through just move to Allen county and save on personal property tax.
    By the way personal property tax is one of the most unfair taxes in Indiana and no other state in the area does it to businesses. While we all pay real estate property tax, only businesses pay personal property tax on their equipment. This tax pays for the things that we all benefit from. Shouldn’t we all be paying for those benefits?


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