Amber Pasztor formally charged with murder

(Photo Supplied/ Elkhart Police Department)

ELKHART, Ind. (WOWO): Formal murder charges were officially handed down Friday for a Fort Wayne woman accused of kidnapping, then smothering, her own children.

29-year-old Amber Pasztor is facing two counts of murder in Elkhart Circuit Court, according to the Elkhart Truth. Police say last Monday she kicked in the door of her father’s house and took 6-year-old Rene Pasztor and 7-year-old Lilliana Hernandez, whom she did not have custody of, put them in a car stolen from her neighbor, 65-year-old Frank Macomber, and drove to Elkhart.

Hours later she flagged down an Elkhart Police officer and told him she had killed the children. Macomber’s body was found the next morning in a wooded area near his home. He had been shot to death.

Authorities say she’s a suspect in his death.

She’s due for her first court appearance Thursday, October 6th, in Elkhart.


    • Hi Janet,

      Authorities have listed her as a suspect in his death. If she is charged, those charges will come out of Allen County, where his body was found, and not Elkhart County, where the children were found.


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