Zoo’s Baby Orangutan Explores Pen Ahead of April Opening

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) _ The newest addition to the orangutan exhibit at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo isn't walking or crawling yet, but she's already made her first public appearance.
The Sumatran orangutan named Asmara explored her pen with her mother, Tara, on Thursday. She was born Nov. 22.
Zookeeper Angie Selzer tells The News-Sentinel that mother and daughter are doing well and that Asmara's birth is “exciting for the zoo and the entire population.''
Asmara is one of only two Sumatran orangutans born in a U.S. zoo in 2014. About 320 Sumatran orangutans live in zoos worldwide, and only about 15 babies are born each year in zoos. 
The Fort Wayne zoo has not had a baby orangutan since 2006.

The zoo will open for the season April 25.