You should be paid overtime

The answer to every workplace dispute shouldn't have to be, “find a new job.”

This is a rare occasion I actually agree with the President.  Just recently President Obama proposed (aka mandated) that the overtime thresholds in this country be reviewed and updated.  Currently, if you make under $23,660 a year and are considered “salary” you're able to claim overtime pay if you work more than 40 hours a week.  If you make more than $23,661 and are considered “salary” you're unable to claim overtime, regardless of how many hours your employer requires you to work.  The “salary” employment status is being used to disqualify low wage workers out of overtime.  The extra time an employee spends at a business shouldn't be at the employee's loss, especially if they're being required to do it in order to keep their job. 

“But this is going to kill jobs if you require businesses to pay their employees… if you force business owners to pay overtime they're going to cut everyone's hours…”

I get it.  But I also know how it works in practice.  Many people are hired into a job and it's not disclosed or even brought up that they'll be required to work more than 40 hours a week.  In many cases the term “salary” is being used as a way to get around paying overtime.  It shouldn't be treated as a loop hole.  That's not right.  And that's why I'm for a change in this instance. 

Personally I think the threshold for overtime should be for anyone making under $30,000, or $14.50/hour.

Our current economy should be ENCOURAGING people who want to work, but you're discouraging employees by making a condition of their work volunteering hours every week.  Your time is worth something. 

Again… the answer to workplace disputes shouldn't have to be “find a now job” every single time. 

This may be one of the only things I agree with the President on… but it's a valid point he's bringing up here.

And good luck trying to find another thing we agree on.