WOWO-HD Radio on 97.3 HD-2

You can now listen to WOWO Radio in crystal clear quality.  If you have a HD Radio in HD Radio Logoyour car or your home, you can immediately start listening to WOWO-HD on 97.3 HD-2.

Not sure if you have an HD Radio?  Look for the HD Radio logo:

Not sure if you have HD Radio in your car?  More manufacturers are adding them to their vehicles — especially if the car was made in the last few years.  Currently there are 36 auto manufacturers shipping at least one vehicle with HD Radio technology.  To see a list of cars that currently have HD Radio already included, click here.  

WOWO-HD Logo smallLooking for a new radio for your home? There’s many to choose from.  To see some of your options, click here.

Don’t want to upgrade to HD Radio?  No problem.  We’re always going to be on 1190AM, 107.5FM, streaming live on, streaming on the free WOWO Radio app, and on apps such as iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

How much does a HD Radio broadcast cost a month?  WOWO-HD Radio broadcasts are completely subscription-free. The only requirement to listen on a HD Radio receiver, but after that, it’s cost free for the life of the receiver.

Do all radios receive an HD Radio signal?  Unfortunately no… not yet.  The technology is moving in that direction, but as of right now not all new radios are equipped with the technology.

What happens if you’re out of the range of the HD signal?  Your HD radio will automatically switch over to the analog signal.  You can always listen to 1190AM along with all the other digital offerings such as and the free WOWO Radio App.

Here’s how the technology works:

Every vehicle is different, so you’ll want to check your owners manual or talk to your dealer on how to use the HD technology in your car.


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