Woodson to Sell Memorabilia in Online Auction

Fort Wayne' native and NFL Hall-of-Famer Rod Woodson is selling some of his  personal
collection of mementos, including his high school jersey. (SCP Auctions Photo) 

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif (WOWO):  As Rod Woodson begins a new chapter in his legendary career, he's saying goodbye to reminders of another.

He's now a defensive backs coach with the Oakland Raiders. A step in the transition meant parting with some of the items he's collected in more than four decades of football and sports.

Beginning April 8, dozens of items from his Hall-of-Famer's career will go up for online auction through California-based SPC Auctions.  

Rings, trophies, game-worn items, dating back to his standout collegiate career at Purdue are included. He's even offering his from Snider High School days.

Terry Melia helped Woodson go through his stash of mementoes. He says Woodson is clearing up storage space, but also wanted to make available to fans. He confided the father of five would rather focus on the achievements of his family, than his own fame.

The 70-item auction includes game balls, helmets, MVP awards and the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team award he won in 1994. An honor that included him among the best-of-the-best to ever play in the NFL.

Melia says some will certainly fetch top dollar, but others are attractive to bidders with smaller budgets.

You can find out more at spcauctions.com. To view the entire auction, you must register online. 

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