Woman in 1978 Ohio case gets day in court

CINCINNATI (AP): A woman charged in 1978 with stealing leather jackets from a Cincinnati department store has finally had her day in court but it was quick.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports Judge Robert Ruehlman dismissed the case against 61-year-old Rochelle Cooper this week after prosecutors conceded it would be difficult to find any witnesses to the alleged theft.

Cooper was arrested this month for shoplifting in Indiana and was extradited after someone noticed that a warrant issued for her arrest in 1979 remained open.

Cooper was charged with stealing three jackets from a Pogue’s department store as a 23-year-old under her alias, Sandra Cooper. The charge at the time was a felony punishable by prison time.

It’s unclear if the jackets were recovered. They were valued at $300 in 1978.


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