Wizard Comic Con Underway in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): The first Wizard World Comic Con is underway in Indianapolis at the Indiana Convention Center.

The three-day show features some high-profile celebrities like William Shatner, Lou Ferrigno and Karen Gillan. Jerry Milani with Wizard World says unlike the famous San Diego Comic Con, this show is more of an intimate experience for the fans, allowing them to meet their favorite celebrities and artists.

Fans can participate in Q&A sessions and also get photos and autographs. Milani says they‘ve been trying for years to come to Indianapolis and this year, the scheduling fell into place.

He says the pop culture phenomenon across the country has allowed them to expand from six shows in 2012 to 27 shows in 2015.

Indianapolis is already the fourth Wizard World show this year. As is expected with a comic con, there will be many fans coming to the show in their favorite superhero and pop culture costumes.

Saturday night, there will even be a best costume contest. You can find more information and purchase tickets at wizardworld.com.