Wheel tax passes City Council 5-4

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  A proposed wheel tax has passed through Fort Wayne City Council.

Under the new law, a tax of $20 will be charged for passenger vehicles registered in Fort Wayne, while larger vehicles will be charged $40 and motorcycles or recreational vehicles will pay $12.50. Last week the Council gave a preliminary approval of the measure, which is meant to bring in almost $5-million a year for road projects.

“This wheel tax has nothing to do with the annexation,” said councilman Tom Freistroffer.

Dr. John Crawford said the discussions came at a bad time, as the message became mixed-up with unrelated issues.

Many on the Council, including 5th District Councilman Geoff Paddock, complimented the extensive research of Russ Jehl.

1st District Councilman Paul Ensley voted against the measure, but he said it will provide additional money for roads and sidewalks, “so let’s look at the bright side of that.”

“It was a 5-4 vote.  There was a potential to add to the friction… I think we come out of this heavy discussion better shape than we were entering it,” said Jehl.


  1. Does this tax apply only to vehicles registered in Wayne Township or also include vehicles registered in Allen County but outside of city limits?


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