Waterloo Names May “Police Appreciation Month”

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WATERLOO, Ind. (Press Release): The Town Council of Waterloo has proclaimed the month of May “Police Appreciation Month” and preparations have begun for showing local emergency responders they are valued. The proclamation recognizes that one of the primary functions of good government is “the protection of the safety and welfare of the community”.

“As Council President, I believe it’s important for us to honor those men and women who serve in law enforcement in Waterloo,” said David Bolton. “We recognize that law enforcement officers play an integral part in our society; they are the guardians of our way of life and they deserve our support.”

Bolton says police across the country have come under attack in recent years and recalls when our culture respected authority and valued those men and women who serve their communities. “Law enforcement plays a critical role in each community, selflessly serving their neighbors”, says Bolton. “Law enforcement is there for us in times of emergency, keeps the peace and provides safety while we sleep. We are pleased to honor our officers.”

The calendar of events as follows:
May 1-6: Random Acts of Kindness. Citizens can perform acts of kindness to the police department. Citizens can drop off gift cards for police equipment or supplies, baked goods, etc.

May 5- 6:00pm-7:00pm Coffee With Cops. This event will be held at the Waterloo Train Depot. A short Q&A with Marshal Jay Oberholtzer followed by an informal, relaxed meet and greet. Coffee will be provided by Three Bean Coffee Company. A freewill donation will be taken with all money going to gift cards for the Waterloo Police Department for equipment and essentials.

May 7-13: Show Your Support. At the Council Meeting on the 9th, Officers will be honored. During the week citizens can show their support by picking up either a magnet or sticker honoring law enforcement from the Waterloo Town Hall or the Waterloo Library.

May 14-20: Week of Prayer. We are asking all citizens to pray for the Waterloo Police Department. Citizens may pray privately at home, publicly in their churches or come to the Waterloo Police Station and pray around it.

May 21-27: Thank You Letters. Citizens can mail or drop off thank you letters and cards to the Waterloo Police Station. Waterloo Elementary Students will be coloring pictures for officers to hang in the police station.


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