Waste Collection Services Discover Meth-Making Materials at Kendallville Residence

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (WOWO): Three people were arrested on Wednesday for manufacturing methamphetamine inside a Kendallville home.

Noble County Disposal employees discovered an item that was used to manufacture methamphetamine while collecting trash. Indiana State Police were called in to investigate trash bins and found other items used to make meth, along with items that indicated the presence of a child on 400 block oF W. Mitchell Street.

Kendallville Police contacted homeowners in the area and acquired a search warrant in when they saw a young child was living in the home.

Officers found numerous items that were used to manufacture methamphetamine from inside the residence.

49-year-old Suzanne Petre and 22-year-old Tessa Dennison were arrested at the home along with 20-year-old Zaden Streb. The Indiana Department of Child Services was contacted to assist the young child.