Voting is underway in Allen County, long lines already reported

Photo Supplied / Jeremy Agler

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): Voting is underway in Allen County and already several Hoosiers are reporting long lines at their precincts.

At last check, the voting line at Chestnut Hills was about 30 minutes long with cars showing up every few minutes. Pine Valley voters are reporting that about 100 people were in line before 6:00 a.m, the time the polls opened. At Faith Baptist Church, the wait was about 45 minutes and at Emmanuel Church “very long lines” were reported.

Andy Downs, with the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics, tells WOWO News, the long lines already, could mean huge voter turnout for the day.

We should keep in mind that the Election Board was planning for approximately a 70 percent turnout which would be very very good, a modern-day record kind of high. But also, let’s face it, a lot of people know their days get busy, so they have to hurry up and vote in the morning,” Downs said.

He says one thing that might slow down your voting experience today is right at the top of your ballot, a constitutional amendment. The proposed constitutional amendment, the Indiana Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment “shall be forever preserved for the public good.” That’s if voters pick “yes” on the ballot, which would add that language to the Indiana Bill of Rights.

“That has thrown people off, ya know we don’t amended the constitution in Indiana very often so they (voters) walk right up to the machine and the first thing they see is that amendment and it’s not the shortest amendment around… they start reading it and it’s a very difficult thing for people to comprehend, because when they read it, they think why do we need this? Isn’t this the way things already are?”

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