Valparaiso approves amendment allowing chickens in city

VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP): The Valparaiso City Council has voted to amend ordinance that will allow residents to keep as many as four chickens in the northwestern Indiana city where permissible by covenants.

The measure approved Monday says the birds must be well-fed and kept securely enclosed on the owner’s property at all times. A chicken coop, or enclosed structure, to shelter them must be provided.

The (Munster) Times reports Valparaiso previously only allowed chickens on properties of at least 5 acres.

Valparaiso resident Liz Welter’s chickens prompted city officials to consider changing the ordinance. She said her daughters get to go out each day and retrieve eggs from the coop and thank the hens for their work laying eggs. She says the eggs are free of hormones, pesticides and fertilizers.


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