UPDATE: Two People Killed in Storm, Identified

WINONA LAKE, Ind. (AP) – Two northern Indiana people killed when storms with winds of up to 60 mph toppled trees onto homes have been identified.
Kosciusko County Coroner Michael Wilson says 14-year-old Daniel Holbrook died in Winona Lake. The Winona Lake Police Department reports he was killed when a large tree fell on part of a mobile home in that town about 40 miles northwest of Fort Wayne about 1:20 a.m. Tuesday. One other person at the home suffered minor injuries and two others were not hurt    
LaGrange County Coroner Jeff Helmuth says 64-year-old Larry Davisson of Wolcottville died of blunt force trauma after a tree fell on his home at Big Long Lake, about 35 miles north of Fort Wayne, about 2 a.m. Tuesday.