UPDATE: I&M Releases Estimated Times of Power Restoration

INDIANA, (WOWO): Indiana Michigan Power crews assessing the effects of Sunday’s wind storm identified several broken poles and a large amount of other damaged equipment, leading to estimated times of restoration later in the week. The power company released the following estimations along with other relevant information:

Approximate number of I&M customers without power in Michigan:

  • Benton Harbor area: 6,750 customers (down from 18,000)
  • Three Rivers area: 7,340 customers (down from 11,400)
  • Buchanan area: 2,487 customers (down from 9,800)
  • New Buffalo area: 1,100 customers (down from 2,400)


Approximate number of I&M customers without power in Indiana:

  • Fort Wayne area: 800 customers (down from 8,400)
  • South Bend area: 3,875 customers (down from 12,500)
  • Elkhart area: 300 customers (down from 1,500)
  • Muncie area: 59 customers (down from 1,000)
  • Marion area: 2,100 customers
  • Elwood area: 160 customers (down from 400)
  • Hartford City area: 3 customers (down from 200)


All I&M customers who lost service as a result of Sunday’s wind storm are expected to be restored by Friday night. 

Michigan restoration estimates:

  • Buchanan area: 11 p.m. Thursday

  • Benton Harbor area: 9 p.m. Friday
  • Three Rivers area: 11 p.m. Friday


Indiana restoration estimates:

  • Decatur area: fully restored
  • Avilla area: Noon today
  • Fort Wayne area: Noon Wednesday
  • Elkhart area: Noon today
  • South Bend area: 6 p.m. Thursday
  • Muncie, Winchester and Elwood areas: 9 p.m. today
  • Marion and Hartford City areas: 11 p.m. Friday