UPDATE: Chlorine Leak Fixed at Bluffton Wastewater Treatment Plant

BLUFFTON, Ind. (WOWO): A leak at Bluffton's Wastewater Treatment Facility has been secured.

Just before 12 Noon the all clear was given. Bluffton Firefighters and members from a Fort Wayne Fire Department hazardous materials team worked for nearly three hours to contain the gas and ventilate the building.

Bluffton Fire Chief Christopher Broderick told WOWO News, “the public wasn't in jeopardy and our civilian employees were put out of harm way by self evacuation.”

He said the water at the plant is removed from homes and businesses. The water filtration plant, used for drinking water and other residental and public use is processed at another plant two miles away. 


A chlorine leak Friday morning at Bluffton's wastewater treatment plant has caused employee evacuations. The Bluffton Police Department tells WOWO News that only employees have been evacuated. A call came in alerting crews to the leak at 8:04 A.M. Bluffton Police say a 2-man HAZMAT crew has been called from Fort Wayne. The crew has not yet entered the building. Officials will send out an evacuation notice if evacuations are needed. Fire Chief Broderick says drinking water is safe and that no residential or commercial evacuations are needed.