EVANSVILLE, Ind. (NETWORK INDIANA): The University of Evansville is banning all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from campus in the wake of the phone’s recent fire hazards.

According to WFIE, UE is the first college in the area to officially put a ban on the smartphones. A letter recently went out to students notifying them to turn off their Note 7’s and leave them unplugged.

“I think it’s a huge overreaction on campus,” student Mason Wilhite told the station. “Kind of a ridiculous step to take on such a small issue,”

This comes after multiple reports worldwide of the phones catching fire. No incidents have been reported on UE’s campus, but to be extra cautious they decided to put a ban on the cell phones immediately.

“We thought it was in the university’s best interest to ban the phones,” says Mark Logel Director of Administrative Services and Risk Management. “Number one for our students, faculty, and staff and secondly to help protect our facilities with the whole idea to try and keep everyone as safe as we can.”

UE hasn’t said how long this ban will be last but they are basing it on how long the recall with Samsung is in effect. Logal says that the university plans to just issue a verbal warning to students seen using a Note 7 to enforce the measure.


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