U.S. Sen. Donnelly calls for gun control legislation

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly says Congress should pass gun control legislation preventing felons, people with mental illness and those on the government no-fly list from purchasing firearms.

The Indiana Democrat has been a strong supporter of gun rights while in Congress and has previously been endorsed by the National Rifle Association. But Donnelly said Monday that he also believes in “common sense.”

Donnelly says he recently voted for four different gun control measures proposed in Congress in the wake of the deadly Orlando nightclub attack.

Those efforts foundered in the House after Republicans opted against calling them for a vote.

Donnelly noted that public opinion polls suggest a majority of Indiana residents support similar gun control proposals.


  1. Maybe Senator “Flip-Flop” Donnelly, who likes to tell the voters what they want to hear to get himself elected, should share which “public opinion polls” he is referring to in his statement. More pandering…


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