Two Wal-Mart Employees Charged with Theft

Two Wal-Mart employees were charged on Thursday for nearly 100 thefts, almost $17,000 worth of merchandise.

40-year-old David J. Menefee and 18-year-old David McFarland were involved in the thefts that took place over the course of three months. According to the Journal Gazette, investigators believe more employees were involved.

Menefee and McFarland were both charged with one count of corrupt business, with Menefee pinned as the leader of the group. Police believe he could of been responsible for conducting 92 thefts, acquiring over $15,200 on his own during the months of January through April, 2014.

McFarland is accused of stealing over $1,700 worth of items. Four other employees are also believed to have stolen an additional $6,112 in merchandise after a store manager reviewed some in-store surveillance video from the Apple Glen Wal-Mart- the store where Menefee and Mcfarland worked. They had access to secured rooms and locked doors, which may have helped them during the theft.

Neither Menefee or McFarland were in custody as of Thursday. Warrants have been issued for their arrests.