Two South Side Students Being Transferred after Alleged Robbery

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Two South Side High School Students, Nathaniel Wallen and Chase Bair are being transferred to a new school after they were allegedly held-up and attacked on their walk home from South Side High.

Stacie Wallen, Nathaniel's mother, says she received a phone call Tuesday afternoon from a woman saying her son was in trouble. When Wallen arrived on the scene near Fairfield and Violet, she found her son with a bloody face, sitting in the grass. Wallen says her son and friend were attacked by three boys.

My son was on his way home from school, him and his friend, and these three kids were following behind them . Two of the kids came up behind Nathaniel and starting hitting on Nathaniel and his friend tried to jump in and then the other kid was like, back the f *** up or I’m gonna kill you and he had a gun and was like give me all your stuff now. Chase said OK OK just take it. Nathaniel would not give his stuff up so the outcome of him not giving his stuff up? They beat him.”

On Wednesday, Wallen and Chase's mother Kathleen Bair, went to South Side High School to speak with the Principal, Carlton Mable. “He pretty much told us that he didn't think it was possible to transfer our kids,” Wallen said.

Fort Wayne Community School’s transfer policy is on their website and states the following:

“Transfers are approved based on space availability and racial balance. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation to the school or to the nearest already-established bus stop if a transfer is granted.”

However, Krista Stockman spokesperson for Fort Wayne Community Schools says they do look at each transfer situation, “on an individual basis.”

That Wednesday afternoon, Wallen and Bair then decided to go the School Board, but again, they left without hearing what they wanted.

They pretty much told us too that it was in the middle of the year, the transfer things were closed, they usually don't transfer kids, and ya know I told them the situation,” Wallen said.

However, on Thursday afternoon, Wallen and Bair had a meeting with the Assistant Superintendent at South Side High School and were told that both of their kids would be able to transfer.

We went in Thursday for a meeting , and that's how we found out that they were transferring our kids, they did say that they took the other kids out, but some students notified by son and said the kids were still in school on Wednesday,” Wallen said.

According to Wallen, police do have a warrant issued for the arrest of one of the boys involved in the alleged attack. However we are still awaiting word from the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Wallen said Nathaniel is doing better, even though she feels like he is traumatized.

Stay tuned to WOWO as we will continue to investigate more details into this story.