Two Fort Wayne City Council members oppose annexation plan

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry’s proposed North IV annexation has its share of opponents, and now you can add two City Council members to the list.

Council President Russ Jehl and Councilman Tom Didier held a joint press conference this morning to announce their opposition to the plan, saying that although city growth is important, “the negative aspects of the plan outweigh the positives.”

“As currently proposed, we cannot support this annexation because of the scope, detrimental impact on schools, and potential disruption of rural lifestyles,” Jehl said.

County officials, NACS school officials, and the Allen County Public Library have all said they’d be hurt by the annexation. Members of the public have protested the proposal, which would add nearly 23 square miles and about 22,000 people to Fort Wayne’s city limits if approved.


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