Two Elkhart police officers will be charged with battery

("Police Car Lights" by Scott Davidson, CC BY 2.0)

ELKHART, Ind. (AP) — Two Elkhart police officers were placed on administrative leave and will be charged with battery for repeatedly punching a handcuffed man in the face.

The South Bend Tribune reports that the Elkhart police department on Friday announced the charges against officers Cory Newland and Joshua Titus.

The action comes only after the newspaper requested video of the incident, which occurred last year. The video was released Friday.

The officers were previously disciplined for this incident. But they received only reprimands rather than suspensions or termination.

Police Chief Ed Windbigler told an oversight commission in June that they used “a little more force than needed” with a suspect in custody and “went a little overboard.”

The handcuffed man was charged with domestic violence and later pleaded guilty.


  1. I caught a handcuffed beating from them in about 1991. Two cracked and one broken ribs. My hands were behind me so when one of them went picked me up by the cuffs I was propelled face first into the glass at the booking desk they cut into my wrist which resulted in nerve issues in my left thumb that went on for over a year. The female cop who was there for public intoxication arrest was not present and didn’t participate in the thumping. Just the one one with the Napoleon complex and a couple of his buddies who apparently jumped at the chance to pummel a Biker, especially one who can’t defend himself and believe me when I tell you I would’ve fought them with all I had before I’d have let those cowards just pound on me. Why didn’t I report it? First, I don’t call cops. Second, I’m a big believer in Karma and thirdly, some people don’t do as well in court as others. I’ll leave the last reason to your imagination.


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