Two arrested for severe child neglect

(Supplied/Kosciusko County Jail)

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): Two people have been arrested and a warrant has been issued for a third person after police discovered a malnourished child with multiple life-threatening injuries in Nappanee.

24-year-old Rune Springer of Claypool and 38-year-old Travis Tillotson of Nappanee say the child was not in their care when the injuries occurred. Springer is the boy’s mother. Still, both have been arrested on felony neglect charges.

Jammy Stacy of Etna Green is charged in a warrant with neglect of a dependent; she was the alleged caretaker of the child for a year.

Springer told police Stacy dropped the child off with numerous injuries and told her not to contact authorities or they’d all end up going to jail.

Police say that among other injuries, the boy was missing multiple parts of his scalp, had several broken teeth, and both of his arms had been broken in multiple places.


  1. I am just sick over this. There had top be someone that knew this child was being abused. How could a mother let this happen. If you suspect child abuse, you MUST report it.


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