This dog’s job is to snuggle with cheetah cubs at Cincinnati Zoo

(Photo Supplied/ Cincinnati Zoo)

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WOWO): There is an animal at the Cincinnati Zoo that might have your dream job. Unfortunately, no amount of college will make you qualified. It’s best fit for our furry four legged friends.

The latest job Blakely, an Australian shepherd, has been called to do is hang out with five cheetah cubs, according to the Cincinnati Zoo.

The cubs’ mom, Williow, died as a result of birthing her adorable babies.

(Photo Supplied/ Cincinnati Zoo)
(Photo Supplied/ Cincinnati Zoo)

The little cheetahs have lived in the critical care in the zoo’s nursery since birth. Every three hours they’re bottle-fed.

Blakely is the zoo’s resident nursery companion and has been for several other zoo babies. This time, his job is to provide snuggling, comfort and a body the climb on.

“His first job is to let the cubs climb on him, which they did as soon as they were put together. They need the exercise to build muscle tone and get their guts moving,” said Head Nursery Keeper Dawn Strasser said.

As the baby cheetahs grow, Blakely’s role will change from a cuddle friend to a role model.

Cheetahs are endangered. Their population worldwide shrunk from about 100,000 in 1900 to about 10,000 today.



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