The latest news on the 2016 presidential race

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WASHINGTON (AP): The Latest on the 2016 presidential race as Republicans look back on South Carolina’s primary and ahead to Nevada’s caucuses on Tuesday and Democrats move past their Nevada contest and await a South Carolina faceoff on Saturday.

The 2016 presidential campaign isn’t taking too long off before the next contests.

It’s the Republicans now heading to the West and Democrats venturing to the South.

The GOP candidates are setting their sights on Nevada for that state’s caucuses on Tuesday. Nevada Democrats caucused on Saturday and gave Hillary Clinton a clear victory over Bernie Sanders.

Attention in South Carolina turns to those Democrats after Republican primary voters sent Donald Trump to his second straight election victory. South Carolina’ Democratic primary is Saturday.

And then coming up is Super Tuesday — March 1 — when voters in a dozen states plus American Samoa pick their presidential favorites.

Trump wins South Carolina Republican primary, Clinton wins in Nevada

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP): Donald Trump has won the South Carolina Republican primary, a second-straight victory for the billionaire real estate mogul after his first-place finish in New Hampshire.

Complete but unofficial results show Florida Sen. Marco Rubio edged Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for second.

Trump thanked his supporters for delivering his commanding first-place finish.

Exit polls taken in South Carolina found that about three-quarters of Republican voters support a temporary ban on Muslims who are not American citizens from entering the United States. That’s one of Trump’s signature proposals.

The casualty of the primary was Jeb Bush, who ended his campaign.

To the west was the Nevada Democratic caucus — advantage Hillary Clinton. It’s considered a crucial victory to overcome an unexpectedly strong surge by Bernie Sanders and easing the anxiety of some of her supporters.

In a continuing sign of her vulnerability, Sanders did best with voters looking for a candidate who is caring and honest.

Cruz says his campaign ‘has beaten’ Trump

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP): Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says he is the only candidate that “has beaten and can beat” billionaire Donald Trump, who won the South Carolina primary.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Columbia, South Carolina at the close of the state’s Republican primary day, Cruz warned that the “Washington cartel” is growing nervous with the successes of the conservative movement.

Cruz says he is “effectively tied for second place” with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, in a finish that he said defied expectations.

Cruz is praising Jeb Bush, who ended his bid for the White House Saturday, as “a man who didn’t go to the gutter” and engage in insults and attacks.

Jeb Bush ends bid for the White House

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP): Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says he is ending his bid for the White House.

A teary-eyed Bush says he’s proud of the campaign he ran to unify the country and advocate conservative solutions.

The son and brother of former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush entered the race to huge expectations in June, and quickly fueled them with fundraising.

But he quickly slid in the polls behind some of his more outspoken Republican rivals such as billionaire businessman Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who have billed themselves as anti-establishment alternatives to the early front-runner.

Following disappointing performances in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Bush pinned his hopes on South Carolina, a state where the Bush name has maintained some clout. But Bush was unable to break into the top three in South Carolina. He would likely have faced pressure from GOP leaders and donors to drop out had he stayed in the race.

Rubio says GOP contest a 3 man race

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP): Marco Rubio says the Republican presidential primary has become a three-person race between himself, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The Florida senator is predicting that he will win the GOP nomination after performing well in the South Carolina primary. As results stream in, Rubio and Cruz are fighting for second place behind winner Trump.

Rubio is congratulating Trump for his victory in South Carolina’s primary. He’s also praising former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who dropped out after a disappointing finish in South Carolina.

Rubio is returning to his central campaign themes of a strong U.S. military and a new generation of conservatism. He says tonight he’s a step closer to being the next president

Clinton wins Nevada caucuses; GOP voting in S. Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP): Hillary Clinton has pulled out a crucial victory in Nevada’s Democratic presidential caucuses Saturday, overcoming an unexpectedly strong surge by Bernie Sanders and easing the anxiety of some of her supporters.

Clinton told her cheering supporters during a victory rally: “Some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other.” She added “This one is for you.”

Clinton captured the backing of voters who said electability and experience were important in their vote. But in a continuing sign of her vulnerability, Sanders did best with voters looking for a candidate who is caring and honest.

Sanders said in a statement that he’d congratulated Clinton on her victory, but then declared his campaign has “the wind at our backs as we head toward Super Tuesday” — the multi-state voting contests on March 1.

Nevada was the first of two presidential primary contests being held Saturday. Republicans a battling in South Carolina, a state seen as billionaire Donald Trump’s to lose and one that could start to clarify who, if any, of the more mainstream candidates might emerge to challenge him.



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