Ted Cruz meeting with Gov. Mike Pence during campaign trip

(Photo Supplied: https://goo.gl/GLs93Y License: https://goo.gl/sZ7V7x)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is set to meet with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ahead of his appearance at a state GOP fundraising dinner in Indianapolis.

Pence’s office says the two will have a private meeting Thursday afternoon at the Governor’s Residence, a day after the Republican governor had a similar meeting with Donald Trump.

Cruz also has an afternoon campaign stop scheduled for a downtown Indianapolis restaurant before Thursday evening’s Republican Party dinner, where tickets cost $150 each and up.
Cruz’s trip and Trump’s Indianapolis campaign rally on Wednesday come as they try to build support ahead of Indiana’s May 3 primary.

Pence hasn’t yet endorsed a presidential candidate, but says he’s willing to meet with all the candidates.


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