Tea Partyers Claim Victory in Pence Pre-K Decision

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Indiana tea partyers claimed a rare victory in the governor's office this week, after Gov. Mike Pence announced he would not seek up to $80 million in federal funds for per-kindergarten.
Heather Crossin with Hoosiers Against Common Core sent a victory note to supporters late Wednesday shortly after finding out Pence would oppose the federal preschool application. The governor's decision caught many of his allies on the issue by surprise.
Behind the scenes, Crossin said her groups and others launched an intensive lobbying effort to press the governor. Pence spokeswoman Christy Denault would not say how many calls and emails the governor received on the issue, but said he is not bowed by lobbying.
The governor's decision marked a victory for tea partyers who have sometimes been frustrated with him.