Tax cuts, loosened COVID restrictions on Republicans’ 2022 wish list

("Indiana Statehouse" by Shawna Pierson, CC BY 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): New year, new legislative session.

State lawmakers will convene the 2022 legislative session in Indianapolis at 1:30pm on Tuesday, January 4th.

Indiana State Representative Dan Leonard of Huntington says coming in on the heels of a positive revenue forecast gives Republicans a good chance at finally getting tax cuts done:

“Indiana wouldn’t be in this strong fiscal position without hardworking Hoosiers who persevered during very challenging times,” Leonard says. “We’re now looking at a number of options, including a permanent tax cut that would put money back in the pockets of Hoosier taxpayers.”

The first bill to be filed will be a Republican-backed bill looking to end the statewide public health emergency while also making sure that businesses that require COVID-19 vaccinations also accept medical and religious exemptions.


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