Super Bowl 50 footballs made in factory a short drive from Fort Wayne

ADA, Ohio (WOWO): Every football that will be used in every Super Bowl 50 on Sunday was made in a factory just about 90 minutes from Fort Wayne.

The Wilson Sport Goods Factory in Ada, Ohio, has made been making the official footballs for the NFL since 1941, including the balls for Super Bowl 50, according to our news partners at 21 Alive.

Each ball is handmade by cutting the leather, sewing, lacing, inflating and packing the balls.

The factory created 108 balls each for the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.

“Everybody wants their Super Bowl ball before the game. There is a sense of urgency,” Greg Miller, Wilson Football Factory plant controller, told 21Alive. “We work around the clock the first week to fufill our goal.”  


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