Sudafed bill in Indiana House will get full vote next week

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INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): A bill linking Sudafed access to your other prescriptions is headed for the House floor.

Legislators are steering away from a Senate-passed bill to have pharmacists question Sudafed buyers, in favor of a House bill which requires a prescription only if you don’t have any other prescription at that drugstore.

That bill overwhelmingly passed the House earlier this month. Auburn Representative Ben Smaltz, the bill’s author, made one tweak to address concerns from drugstore chains that checking everyone’s transaction history will create long, slow lines,. Instead of the pharmacist having to check whether someone has other prescriptions, the bill now calls on the pharmacy technician to do it.

The bill squeaked through the House Public Health Committee 6-5, with Democrats voting no three weeks after supporting it unanimously. Indianapolis Representative Greg Porter says Democrats objected to Republicans’ refusal to allow amendments, particularly one to guard against pharmacists turning people away for no reason.

Those concerns were raised about the Senate bill requiring a Q-and-A with the pharmacist, but Smaltz says those provisions are gone from the latest version.

The full House will vote next week. It’ll also consider a second bill banning convicted drug offenders from buying medication containing pseudoephedrine.


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