Study: Indiana ranks low for teacher recruitment, retention

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): A national study ranks Indiana among the lowest states for teacher recruitment and retention, with many Indiana teachers worried about the impact of standardized testing.

The report from the nonprofit Learning Policy Institute says Indiana teachers earn starting salaries lower than the national average but face among the largest class sizes.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Indiana scored a 2.17 out of a possible 5 points of educator data, including work conditions and teacher compensation. Only Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Washington, D.C., received lower scores.

Proposed solutions to fill classrooms with educators failed in the past legislative session.

Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb, the Republican candidate for this year’s gubernatorial race, says Indiana should offer high-performing teachers incentives to stay in the classroom.


  1. What is surprising about this? Indiana is a pretty sorry place to live, being essentially a “back east” state. I live here because my wife grew up here, but should she die before I do, bye bye Indiana and howdy-doody Texas!

  2. I must remark on this one, too. Today teachers are taught how to teach and are not taught subject matter, so that teaching appeals only to the really average or below-average students in any given college or university. The dumbest people I knew in undergraduate school and later in graduate school were teachers. Invite a couple to your home for dinner and try to talk to them about anything interesting.


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