UPDATE: Students plan to boycott graduation over policy on military uniforms

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UPDATE: Hamilton High School tells ABC21 they will change their policy to allow military members to wear their uniform to graduation ceremonies.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): Two DeKalb County high school students are going to boycott their graduation over the school’s dress code.

Brothers Sam and Nick Kipp finished boot camp with the Army Reserve last summer, and wanted to wear their military uniforms to graduation, but Nick tells our Partners in News at ABC 21 the principal of Hamilton Senior High School was against the move:

“He said it would be like wearing an Applebee’s uniform to graduation,” Nick says.

Hamilton Community Schools released a statement on the matter, saying those in the Armed Forces are welcome to wear their formal dress under their graduation robe. The brothers say that would violate army regulations.


  1. I would wear their uniform under gowns then after they shake the hand and get their diploma, I would stripoff gown and stand at the position of attention and face the crowd and give a nice strong solute. And then March off, fire the principal

  2. Dean Robinson says “These Army Reserve high school seniors are textbook snowflakes who think school rules should not apply to them because they are soldiers. Sam and Nick Kipp are disgracing the uniform by demanding SPECIAL preferential treatment over their civilian classmates during a civilian ceremony. The Kipp BOYS are disgracing the U.S. Army Reserve. Let the BOYS boycott because apparently that is the thing to do at school nowadays. Truly pathetic.”

  3. I support their achievements. HS’s do not recognize their achievements during their HS years as they do for academics and sports and clubs. The decision to serve our country at a young age should be recognized and honored. Let them wear their uniform and be proud of what they have done. Librals don’t get it that these kids represent the next generation that protect our freedoms. Students don’t get a “group” diploma, they get an individual diploma…..they are not all the same. New Jersey, California and New Hampshire have laws that allow HS seniors to wear their lawful military uniform to graduation. Every state should incorporate this law!!


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