Students Get Ready for Kindergarten in United Way Program

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Nearly 150 in-coming kindergarten students are finishing up a four-week program that gets them ready for school…

It's United Way's Kindergarten Countdown, in it soon-to-be Fort Wayne Commmunity and East Allen County Schools students receive instruction and preparation for school. Todd Stephanson, Executive Director of United Way, says its designed to help students who haven't been in pre-school or similar programs get prepared.

They learn to write their name, adjust to class structure and other basic skills. Todd Stephanson is the Executive Director of Allen County's United Way, he says it was originally meant to help kids with no formal pre-school training or other needs catch up. “”In many cases, this children are prepared become leaders in their classrooms.”

The program was in place at six schools.