Steuben Co. Law Enforcement warns of Social Security Phone Scam

"Scam Alert" by Gerd Altmann, License

ANGOLA, Ind. (WOWO): A new phone scam is working its way around the area, and the Steuben County Sheriff wants to make sure residents don’t fall for it.

A phone scam involving someone falsely identifying themselves as an employee of the Social Security Office is ramping up.

The calls appear to be coming from local numbers beginning with 316 or 667, and claim that your social security number has been compromised and used illegallly.

The scammer goes on to say that there may be criminal charges filed aganst you unless you make some form of payment.

The Social Security Administration does not demand anything by phone and the Sheriff’s Office does not make arrests for them.

Anyone receiving a call is advised to hang up and not give any information. The Social Security Administration reminds everyone that they will not demand any personal information via phone or e-mail.


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