Speedway Offers Roundabout School to Prep Drivers

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The town of Speedway wants to make sure drivers are prepared for a roundabout outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, so they're offering them a free school on how to navigate them.

The school Sunday at Speedway High School will offer drivers the use of golf carts as they learn how to proceed through the circular intersections.

Speedway Redevelopment Commission Executive Director Scott Harris tells The Indianapolis Star http://indy.st/1xaSHFu that some residents have expressed concern that roundabouts are confusing. The two-lane roundabout under construction at West 16th and Main Streets and Crawfordsville Road will be the first in Speedway. It's scheduled to open Nov. 18.

Town officials have said the roundabout will result in fewer vehicle stops and accidents, fewer delays during peak travel times, and reduced air and noise pollution.