Sparkle the Cat Adopted!

By Scott Sarvay

October 18,

Fort Wayne, Ind. ( – It’s one of those animal abuse stories you never forget, but thankfully “Sparkle” the cat gets a happy ending.

The kitten was sent to her new home, Thursday morning after recovering from injuries sustained over the fourth of July.

Investigators say, 22-year-old Matthew Jerome burned the kitten’s paws and singed her whiskers.

Sparkle’s spent the past three-months at Animal Care and Control recovering. There was so much interest in Sparkle’s future that a lottery had to be set-up for those wanting to adopt her.

And now, one local family is happy to call her their own.

Lynne Ticen says, “I just felt she deserved to have a good home, and I just felt I wanted to be the lucky one, and I felt honored and privileged and she’s going to be very loved cause she’s such a beautiful cat and I’m very thankful for everybody who took care of her.”

Jerome is scheduled to go to trial January 15th and is facing two felony counts of torturing or mutilating an animal and one-count of cruelty to an animal.