Solar farm approved for ex-steel plant site in Kokomo

"Solar" by Acid Pix, some rights reserved

KOKOMO, Ind. (AP) – Plans are moving ahead for construction of a 26-acre solar farm at the site of a former scrap steel plant in Kokomo.

The city’s Plan Commission has approved the proposal from South Bend-based Inovateus Solar for the estimated $10 million project with 21,000 solar panels.

The solar farm will go on a portion of a former Continental Steel plant, which underwent a federal project costing more than $40 million to demolish the factory and remove tons of lead- and PCB-contaminated waste.

The Kokomo Tribune reports Inovateus told city officials that solar farm construction could be completed this fall.

Duke Energy has reached a 20-year agreement with Inovateus to buy electricity generated by the Kokomo farm.


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