Several Charged After Warsaw Synthetic Drug Bust

WARSAW, Ind. (WOWO): On Tuesday night, Warsaw Police performed surveillance on a west side residence after receiving a tip of illegal drug dealing at 602 W. Winona Avenue. After two trips to the home, officers attempted to stop 35-year-old Jason Coleman who then ran away and tried to dispose of two packets of synthetic marijuana, or “spice”, but was caught and taken into custody.

A traffic stop on a vehicle later leaving the residence provided additional information that there currently was “spice” at the residence and the people there were smoking it. Police found 14 grams of individually packaged synthetic cannabinoid during a search. Police arrested 34-year-old Jessica Konkle on several charges.

Warsaw Police also charged the following individuals with misdemeanor charges of visiting a common nuisance:

Timothy Freeman, 20 years old
Amber Harty, 28 years old
Tiffany McNees, 30 years old
Amber Wirsing, 22 years old