Seven tips for healthy holiday eating

"thanksgiving dinner" by notahipster, CC BY 2.0

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – The holiday season is in full swing, which brings loads of food and desserts.

Are you afraid of overeating, but don’t want to miss out on the good stuff this season? Health and wellness expert Dr. David Magnano has seven tips for surviving this holiday eating season.

  1. Only eat when you’re hungry. Many people eat when they’re bored or simply when they think they should eat. For example, during lunchtime, only eat if you’re hungry, not because it’s a scheduled eating time. And remember, you may just be thirsty. Always try drinking a glass of water first.
    • “When your body is hungry for the plainest of foods, it’s telling you that it’s ready to manufacture the enzymes for proper digestion.”
  2. Eat foods in the proper order. Dr. Magnano suggests having meats first, which allows the brain to trigger production of the body’s strongest digestive enzymes. Fruits or sugared desserts should be eaten last.

3. Don’t eat when you’re feeling stressed, ill or injured. During physical, mental and emotional stress, our bodies shut down our digestive system.

4. Chew 22 times – even protein drinks. Many people believe drinking protein drinks is harmless, but in reality, it’s like swallowing a steak whole. You must chew protein in order to signal to the brain that you’re eating. If you don’t chew, you’ll shock your system.

5. Don’t eat overly-cooked or overly-processed foods. Meat should never be heated in excess of 118 degrees – protein enzymes will be destroyed if cooked at a higher temperature.

6. Give your food a background check. Always know what you’re eating. The fresher the meat you consume, the fewer chemicals you are likely to encounter. It’s also smart to start your own garden – you’ll save money by growing your own vegetables AND you’ll know exactly where your produce came from.

7. Use spices and natural digestive aids to break down what you eat. Certain cultures add ginger, hot peppers and turmeric to help with digestion. Some people also add pineapple to their meat dishes to help break it down.


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