Settlement: Aqua Indiana rates to increase 23.6%

(Photo supplied/Aqua Indiana)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Aqua Indiana has reportedly reached a deal with the state’s utility counselor on a proposed rate hike for customers in Allen, Huntington and Whitley Counties.

Aqua Indiana was asking for a 29.8% increase to monthly rates and charges, saying it’s necessary due to increases in operation and maintenance charges, but the Journal Gazette reports they’ve reached a settlement with the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor to increase rates 23.6% instead.

The state agency had originally said that the utility only needed a 15.6% increase.

The settlement, which still needs to be approved in another hearing, means metered customers will see their rates rise about $10 on average, while unmetered customers will see a smaller bump of about $4.60 to their bill.

Senate President Pro Tem David Long of Fort Wayne says he still feels like it’s an “unjustifiable increase.”

A separate settlement, specific to Fort Wayne, will be filed soon. The details on that deal were not immediately available.


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