Senators Urge EPA to Expand RFS Blending Volumes

Iowa Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst are urging the Environmental Protection Agency to establish expanded renewable volume obligations in the upcoming “set” rule under the Renewable Fuel Standard. The Iowa Republicans Join South Dakota Republican John Thune and Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin to encourage the agency to increase blending obligations for all renewable fuel types. In a letter to the EPA, the lawmakers say, “Through this rulemaking, EPA has a historic opportunity to not only reinforce its efforts to restore integrity to the RFS, but chart a new course for biofuels that will help meet America’s diverse energy demands.” Additionally, the lawmakers urge EPA to take other actions to maximize uses for biofuels, including updating lifecycle analysis for biofuel emissions and approving additional fuel registrations under the RFS. Other Senators from Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin also signed the letter to the EPA.


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