Senator Young calling on President Trump to press for aid to Yemen

WASHINGTON (WOWO): Indiana’s junior US Senator is calling on President Donald Trump to press Saudi Arabia to allow aid into Yemen.

The United Nations is warning that the nation of Yemen, on the southern Arabian pennisula, is on the brink of famine. The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Senator Todd Young is asking the President to lean on the Saudis to allow humanitarian access to the country.

The Republican is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and says Saudi Arabia has blocked aid groups from delivering equipment that would be used to offload desperately needed supplies to the Yemenis. Aid workers claim the Saudis have also defaulted on financial aid they had pledged. Young is concerned that struggling Yemeni civilians could radicalize and become sympathetic to jihadists.

The President has yet to comment publicly on the crisis in the troubled Middle Eastern country.


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