Senator Todd Young Pays Respects To Congressman Mark Souder

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WOWO):  On the Senate Floor Thursday, Indiana Senator Todd Young took a moment to reflect on the life of Congressman Mark Souder, who passed away earlier this week following a long battle with cancer.

“Mark Souder loved northeast Indiana. He loved his constituents. He loved the land, its people and its unique traditions,” Young stated.

Young went on to reflect on Souder’s lasting effect on politics across not only Indiana, but on the country as a hole. Young also emphasized how much he appreciated Souder’s support as he began his Congressional career and offered the Souder family his deepest condolences.


  1. Condolences to the Souder Family. Mark was a true patriot.

    However, I’ve been waiting for Toad Young to respect his oath of office and honor his fidelity to the US Constitution. HE is a rino backstabber of the lowest order. When he gets re-elected in a few weeks, he will again disappear under neath his desk. Consequently we will not hear from him for another 5 years. He will have to retain his seat without my vote.


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