Senator Mike Braun Discusses Debt Ceiling

Indiana US Senator Mike Braun

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NETWORK INDIANA):  Indiana Senator Mike Braun joined other Republicans Wednesday in a press conference discussing the debt ceiling. With him were Senators Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Rick Scott.

They discussed how the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives will attempt to stop spending that is driving inflation in the nation.

The U.S. reached it’s maximum debt limit of just over $31 trillion dollars on January 19th. The Treasury Department says the deadline to keep the country running will arrive June 5th. The question raised by both Republicans and Democrats is if House Leader Kevin McCarthy can raise enough votes for any negotiation on the debt limit.

Tuesday, Braun spoke how President Biden’s current budget plan doesn’t include hidden costs such as interest rates. “The only politician who’s had the nerve to put a budget out has been President Biden. He – unapologetically about it – shows us from this 31 trillion in debt, taking us to 45 trillion in just 10 years.”

Braun says that the spending can be traced back to Democratic control of the government spending too much. He says the current amount that is being spent on interest is the same as the Democrats’ Omnibus Spending Bill, which is adding to the inflation rate.

“The heavy weight of that burden will be unescapable, it will be painful,” Senator Braun said, “If you don’t…exercise a little political discipline and will, quit trying to please everyone, and that means defense and domestic and maybe you’ll get the ship turned in the right direction.”


  1. Every person, every household, and every business has a debt limit. The State of Indiana cannot borrow money in the usual manner according to our constitution. The State went bankrupt trying top build canals so in 1851 a new constitution was written that forbade borrowing money. The Indiana budget MUST be balanced. So why do the greedy gusses in Washington think they can spend way beyond their income and suffer no consequences. Their income is $4.9 Trillion/year. Tax cuts caused the increase. But no, they must spend a multiple of that income. They have plenty of money in DC to meet their Constitutional responsibilities. But they spend most of their available funds on programs that are not found in the US Constitution Article I, Section 8 powers. Until we stop voting in people that promise the moon but can only deliver a card board cut out of the moon we will be in deep, deep doo doo with federal spending. Our great grandchildren are already in severe debt and they haven;t been born yet. Stop the madness or be prepared to sink into a morass that we cannot get out of. It may already be too late. On the other hand, we can turn girls into boys and vice versa. We send 5-year-olds to pornographic drag shows or into the library for the same effect. Whatever happened to the charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor? If I stood on the street corner handing out PlayBoy Magazines I would be in jail pretty quickly. Plus we spend untold hours worrying about what pronoun to use. Can we get any more frivolous???


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