Rokita to seek legal action against President’s vaccine order

(Photo Supplied/Rokita for Senate)

INDIANAPOLIS (Network Indiana): Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita said Thursday that he is looking into possible legal action against new mandates announced by President Biden.

“My team and I, along with other like-minded attorneys general, are reviewing all legal action on how to stand against these authoritarian actions by the Biden administration,” said Rokita, in a prepared statement.

The mandates include a rule that all businesses with 100 or more employees must either require their employees to get the COVID vaccine or implement regular testing for those who refuse.

“We will be prepared to file suit if Biden seeks illegal actions restricting Hoosiers’ liberties,” Rokita said.

Biden said he believes the rules will help slow the spread of coronavirus.

State Rep. Larry Bucshon, who is a medical doctor and Republican representative, voiced opposition to the plan.

“Today’s decision by President Biden to mandate vaccinations for roughly 100 million Americans is an overreach of federal power and undermines confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines,” he posted on Twitter.


  1. Go Todd Go!!

    There is not a single syllable in the US Constitution that gives any federal agent, elected or appointed, the ability to force any American to take any medication no matter how many people think it is a good idea. Go ahead and look you won’t find it. Neither do state or local officials have this power. Powers granted to the government are on loan from The People or The States. Guys like Biden, the governor, and many school boards and health department clowns are quickly causing The People to take back their powers on loan. Remove you consent to be governed. Just think, it wouldn’t take very many people to leave their jobs or withdraw their kids from the local schools before those running those places would be economically sorry. Hit them in the pocket book. Then perhaps they will listen to The People. Are the hospitals full of Covid patients or are they short staffed because of their foolish demands on their employees??? Are the hospitals full of juvenile Covid patients or are they full of kids with RSV because of wearing a filthy mask all day long at school??? Why would anyone listen to Obervaxenführer Fauci or Dopey King Xo the Moronic when they have been so wrong on so many issues over the last 40 years. If we continue to elect silly people or allow these Marxist commies to control our lives you will get an idea what it was like to live under the worst tyrants of the last century and some very bad actors in this century pretty quickly.

  2. Nazi Biden – “its not about freedom or personal choice”….THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH COVID MANDATES SINCE DAY 1!!!!!!!

    There’s been several Wars to establish and protect “Freedom and Personal Choice”, and its not going away just because of the Nazis in Washington DC.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Rokita ! Unlike our CCP/ Big Pharma/ Teachers Union owned Governor who is busy welcoming the unvetted terrorists from Afghanistan to Indiana you actually have the best interests and constitutional rights of Hoosiers in hand. Todd Young also needs to be primaried out of his next election bid, as do all RINOs.


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