Rochester Man Arrested on Drug Charges in Miami County

MIAMI COUNTY, Ind (WOWO): A traffic stop by Indiana State police leads to the arrest of 27-year-old David Lowe of Rochester.

Lowe was stopped yesterday afternoon for allegedly having window tinting that was too dark and for following another car too closely. Once officers turned their police lights on, they noticed Lowe switch seats with a female passenger. After Lowe’s car came to a stop, further investigation revealed that Lowe was allegedly driving after having been deemed a habitual traffic violator. 

During the traffic stop, troopers found two small plastic bags of methamphetamine.

Lowe is now in the Miami County Jail to face felony charges for driving a vehicle after having been deemed a habitual traffic violator, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of chemical drug precursors.

The female passenger was issued a citation for littering. She was alleged to have thrown something out the window when officers were stopping the car. She claimed it was a cigarette.