Rich Ferguson, a Retired Police Officer, Developed First Response to School Shootings

Photo Supplied: Carli Luca - WOWO 1190AM/107.5FM


  1. Rich Ferguson is the real deal. I live in New Haven now, but I grew up outside Kokomo and went to Northwestern High School where he was a our SRO. He was a great influence in my high school life and mentored me as I considered going into law enforcement (I did not go that route). Partway through listening to the interview before I realized who it was. He was not just a tough dude that nobody would mess with, but he truly cared about the students. Great guest

    On a side note- I listen to the podcast and the volume is not balanced. I have to turn it loud to hear, then my speaker or eardrum always feels like it is going to burst when the final words come on


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