RFRA Economic Fallout Could Take Months to Assess

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute President John Ketzenberger says political fallout from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act will likely have noticeable, negative economic impact.

This comes as more and more businesses, cities and even states boycott Indiana. They‘re responding to the new law that some say facilitates discrimination against gays. Ketzenberger says the law may not have direct impact on the state‘s economy, but he says he‘s already hearing from businesses who‘ve lost clients or orders over the RFRA issue.

He says businesses are likely opposing the move because they know their actions will have an impact and perhaps persuade lawmakers and Governor Mike Pence to take quick, corrective action.

Ketzenberger says the law will have an affect on the economy to the extent that it will greatly influence decisions on whether businesses will locate to Indiana and whether individuals will relocate to the state for jobs.

He says it‘ll likely take upwards of one year to assess the damage.